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1. Newt of course
2. Brenda
3. The right arm (I'm not quite sure that's a real question)
4. Newt
5. Out of the ones I've read, the first one
6. I love the cast
7. Harriet or Sonya
8. I plan to read Kill Order
9. The death cure because we all know what happens.
10. It doesn't matter, any of it. Because the people we were before the maze, they don't even exist anymore. But what does matter, is who we are now and what we do right now.
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Could it be true

if you haven't read or seen divergent you won't get it but I honestly thought that this could be true

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Good news

On here in the comments I want to start where we all can say what good is happening in our lives and others can comment, because a lot of bad things are happening and we need to cheer everyone up
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Stan Lee

I just read that Stan Lee died yesterday. 12 November 2018. His creations have been there for me for years. I don't care if they're not real, because they're real to me. Stan Lee was the vice president of the Marvel Comics that mean so much to me. And so did he. There are too many characters of his that I love with all of my soul. Peter Parker. Tony Stark. Wanda Maximoff. Steve Rogers. Dr Stephen Strange. Loki Laufeyson. Groot. Thor Odinson. Peter Quill. Bruce Banner. T'Challa. Juggernaut. Natasha Romanoff. Virginia Potts. Yondu. And so so many more. I'm devastated. Just when things were finally getting better for him... That happened. I'm sad that he won't be in any more MCU cameos. I'm sad that we won't help create any more Marvel Comics. I'm just sad. He was my smol child... Only four years younger than me. I don't want to believe that he died, but he did. And that's just the horrible truth that I have to admit to myself. He was just as much of a hero as the others. He was there for me without even knowing it. And for that, I am eternally greatful. I'm sorry. I just went on a huge rant there. I didn't know where else I could say it. I just needed to get it out of my system. Sorry.
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Chucks nose is a little weird but I'm just gonna ignore that.
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Hey ya'll! Big news!

Remember that boy I like? His name is Caleb. Well I still haven't talked to him. But I talked to his brother. His brother wants to be a Navy SEAL. and he's giving me tips to get ahead in the future for me! I'm so happy!
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Hey ya'll! I'm here for potato

So me and potato are writing a story together. This is her first chapter. The rest of the chapter is in the comments.
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Newt and livia

Newts (POV)
she is so beautiful im watching her for hours i think im in love.....but i cant tell it because im afraid what if she says no??? She is absolutely ADORABLE and funny and happy i love her with all my heart but i really believe that she likes Thomas not me :(
Oh she is coming

Livia: hey newt
Newt:he hey liv haw are you
Livia: well not very good :(
Newt:im fine but whats wrong with you today ?
Livia : well i like someone and he doesn't even like me i think he likes Teresa :( but i love him with all my heart

Newts POV:
I knew that she likes Thomas he is in love with Teresa... Good dmmnt she is so beautiful and gorgeous i cant

Newt:who is the lucky one ??
Livia :well this one is- is !
Newt: m-me ???
Livia:yes :"(
Newt:well i like you too
Livia : really i thought that you liked Teresa
Newt : not im in love with you !!

So they kissed down of the stars and everyday they were there kissing and talking until the end....

The end i hope you like it ;) *p.s. im sorry im late hehe
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Teresa Tuesday

I’m so excited!! Last time on Newt Day I wore 25.0 stuff all day and everybody was asking what it was for
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Teresa day

Tomorrow is Teresa day. I'm so excited
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