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What's your opinion about Gally?
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A bossy pants👎👎👎👎👎
The book says he has dark hair and is really ugly but the movie got his looks all wrong but I don't mind because I liked him better in the movies.
I think it sucks how they killed him in the Maze Runner movie because the meeting with the Right Arm all changed in The Scorch Trials.
I think he was an arse but he thought he was protecting the gladers and his home in the book/movie and in the death cure he is kinda redeeming himself for how he treated everyone and is really nice at the end
@Thiminewt: Please don't use crude language. ^_^ I've hidden your post. Nothing personal, but we try to keep the wiki as clean as possible.

On topic: Alby is kind of a jerk in the books, but I don't hate him or anything. He's cool. In The Fever Code, he was way kinder, and I think it's sad how the Trials damaged him. :/
@Jukka the Sling okay sorry ^^
I felt mixed emotions on gally coz in the maze runner I didn't like him but in the death cure he was a bit nicer than he was before
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