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"If you ain't scared, you ain't human"
— Alby

Alby was the First-in-Command and leader of the Gladers. He is named after Albert Einstein, a German Theoretical Physicist. It is mentioned in The Death Cure that he was one of the first Gladers.


In The Maze Runner, Alby is first seen demanding the surrounding Gladers to be quiet after Thomas climbs out of The Box, causing Thomas to assume he is the leader of the group. He introduces himself to Thomas and informs him of his location in The Glade. As Thomas begins to ask questions on why he is there, Alby tells him that he'll gradually get his answers and that he will give him a tour of the Glade tomorrow. Thomas, nonetheless continues to ask questions, causing Alby to get angry with him. Alby proceeds to tell Thomas that he needs to accept his new life in the Glade. He reaffirms that he will get a tour of the Glade tomorrow and leaves it to Newt to get him a bed and sleep before walking off.

Later that day, Alby is seen tending to Ben along with Newt. When Thomas comes into the room, once again asking for answers, Alby jumps up and takes Thomas out of the room. He proceeds to furiously ask why he is here, and demands for him to leave immediately and not to see him again till tomorrow.

Following Newt showing Thomas a Griever the next day, Alby arrives to take Thomas on the tour of the Glade, but tells Thomas to ask no questions until it is over. During the tour, he explains each section of the Glade and the purpose of each. He also explains that outside the Glade is The Maze and the rule on how no one, except Runners, are allowed to go in it. Just as he explaining what a Beetle Blade is to Thomas, the siren for a new person entering the Glade goes off. Confused, he and Thomas both set off towards the Box.

Alby and Minho go out into the maze to check on Minho's sightings of a dead Griever, however, Alby was stung. Minho tried to half-carry him back to the Glade. However, they arrived outside the doors just as they closed. Seeing this, Thomas slipped out just before the doors closed for the night. Minho was very angry at him for this, and said he had no hope. Minho ran off, leaving Thomas and the now unconscious Alby alone together.

Thomas, refusing to leave his friend behind, grabbed Alby and started running through the Maze. He eventually realized he was too tired to keep carrying Alby, but still wouldn't leave him, so he tied himself and Alby in vines that hung from the walls and himself. As Grievers rolled up the wall toward Alby, Thomas re-directed them towards himself, and when the Grievers had picked up too much speed to miss him, he moved aside, throwing the Griever past him.

Minho then returned, and seeing Thomas dodging the Grievers gave him an idea. They left Alby tied up and ran towards the cliff together. As they approached, they braced themselves and faced the Grievers that had pursued them. They then used Thomas's dodging idea to lead the Grievers over The Cliff, saving Alby and themselves. They then started back towards the Glade, grabbing Alby on the way.

After the doors opened, Alby was immediately taken into the Homestead and given the Grief Serum. Soon after, he went through The Changing

After the Changing, Alby asked to see Thomas. He started to tell Thomas how he knew everything, such as who Thomas and Teresa were, and remember what the outside world was like but in the middle he started choking himself. As Alby was about to go into more detail, he had a seizure, which was probably induced by WICKED to prevent him from revealing too much information to Thomas. 

When the Grievers start coming into the Glade to pick off one kid a night Alby decides to go to the map room to "study" the maps more closely. But when the griever takes one of the boys, Winston goes to check on Alby, he has a cut across his forehead and makes it seem like he was attacked. He later confesses that he burned the maps, then he starts going off about how they can't go back because there is a disease in the world that he would rather die than get The Flare.

After Alby had undergone the Changing, it appeared as if he feared the outside world due to his memories. He became distant, and no longer trusted himself to make any decisions for the glade, leaving Newt in charge.

As the Gladers were attempting to escape the maze, they were confronted by numerous Grievers. Perhaps, afraid to return to the real world, or under the belief that the sacrifice of one Glader would stop the Grievers, Alby does the unthinkable. He sacrifices himself to the Grievers, but unfortunately, his death was for nothing.

It's unknown if Alby was immune to the The Flare or not. Alby himself seem to truly fear the outside world after the memories he got after the changing. He seem to really rather die in the maze than getting the The Flare and die which could possibly mean that he remember that he was't immune.

Physical Appearance and Personality

He has been described as being a dark-skinned boy with his hair short-cropped and face clean shaven, otherwise that of his permanent scowl in his expression.



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