A Berg is a very large aerial vehicle employed by WICKED as transportation during The Maze Runner Series. Bergs were also used by the Post-Flares Coalition to spread The Flare. Apparently, there was a large international fleet before the Sun Flares. The Berg has two large helicopter-like blades on either side, with rotatable jet engines on the back that are pointed down when the craft lands.

Known Uses Edit

  • In The Scorch Trials, It appears at the end of the book, Thomas, and his group used a Berg to get to the real Safe Haven after fighting off the Bulb Monsters. Also used in the Movie at Jorge's hideout to bring in soldiers to find Thomas and his group.
  • In The Death Cure, Thomas and his group used a Berg to escape WICKED's headquarters and get to Denver and when Thomas and more people used it to fly from Crank Palace after a bunch of cranks were chasing them.
  • In The Kill Order, the PFC used this to spread The Flare in various settlements.

Trivia Edit

  • "Berg" is German and Dutch for mountain, possibly referring to the large size. To avoid misunderstandings, it is referred to as "Berk" in these languages.

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