Bruce was one of the Post-Flare Coalition's (PFC) employees. He was the man with a deep voice that was talking, who Mark and Alec spied on in the auditorium. He hysterically complained about the PFC to his 40-50 co-workers, how they turned many humans into monsters with the Flare, and how they had left them there to slowly die of the virus. Then, in a calmer manner, he said that they gave the little girl, Deedee, and 2 women, Trina and Lana, to the test subjects who were the people from Deedee's village, to prevent them from attacking them. He noticed that Mark and Alec were spying on him and his co-workers, and shouted for his co-workers to seize them. Luckily, they were able to steal a berg and escape.

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