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"All I know is I don't want to be here. I want to go back to my family. Whatever's there, whatever I was taken from. I wanna remember."
— Chuck to Thomas, The Maze Runner

Charles (better known as Chuck) was a Glader who befriended Thomas in the Maze. He was basically Thomas' best friend and the little brother he never had. He was named after Charles Darwin.

Biography Edit

Physical Appearance and Personality Edit

Chuck was about twelve or thirteen years old. He was described as short and pudgy, with long brown hair and blue eyes on a flabby face. He is referred to by Newt as a "wee little fat shank." Though in the movie Chuck has curly brown short hair and brown eyes and was a chubby kid.

He was a mischievous Glader who loved to prank people in the bathroom before bed time, which he demonstrated to Thomas on his first night in the Glade. Because Chuck was presumably the youngest in the Glade, everyone else treated him like a nuisance, with the exception of Thomas. He has been also described by Thomas to be a quirky, excitable kid, funny, and seemingly innocent enough.

Trivia Edit

  • In the movie, Chuck isn't killed by a knife thrown by Gally. Instead, when Gally tries to shoot Thomas with a gun, Chuck jumps in the way, thus getting hit by the bullet and dying rather than Thomas.
  • Chuck is presumably the youngest Glader.

Pictures Edit

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