"She seems fine. Breathing okay, normal heartbeat."
— Clint

Clint is a minor character in The Maze Runner, who makes it through Phase Two of The Trials and is a Munie. He was one of two Med-jacks in the Glade, the other being Jeff. The pair are almost always seen together.

Biography Edit

In The Maze Runner, Clint first appeared early in the book; however, his presence became more known with the arrival of Teresa. He was not expanded upon much, yet it is known that he is one of the two Med-jacks, Jeff being the only other one. He was one of the many Gladers who went with Thomas to combat the Grievers and survived.

In The Scorch Trials, Clint was one of the boys who participated in the Phase Two Trial, The Scorch, and survived.

In The Death Cure, Clint was only mentioned near the book's conclusion, as being one of the Immunes Thomas rescued from the Maze. It is unknown if he made it to Paradise or if he was killed along with some other Immunes.


In The Maze Runner, Newt introduces Thomas to the two Med-jacks in the Glade: Clint and Jeff. Later, Clint and Jeff come and fetch Thomas, telling him that Teresa has woken up. Clint is later seen helping Alby when the Grievers attack at night. He is then seen in the hut with the other Gladers, but is killed a moment later when the hut collapses and he is dragged out by a Griever.

Physical Appearance and Personality Edit

Clint is described in the book as being rather short, with grey hair already conquering his usual black.

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