Glader Slang are new words the Gladers had created during their time in The Glade.

  • Klunk - means "poop" or "crap."
  • Shank - means "friend" or "fellow."
  • Shuck - an expletive used to bring attention to one's annoyance or frustration.
  • Slim it - means "calm down" or "shut it." 
  • Slinthead - a derogatory term used mostly by others when one makes a mistake that involves repercussions.
  • Greenbean/Greenie - the newest arrival to the Glade.
  • Newbie - a newcomer in the Glade. Can refer to a Greenie, or anyone else relatively new.
  • Good That - said when a Glader agrees with someone or something.
  • Jacked - describing a person who is messed up in the head.
  • Deadheads - a forest in the South West end of The Glade with a graveyard.


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