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Misty is a character in The Kill Order that is one of Mark's friends and can also be affiliated with the Toad and Darnell.

The Kill Order

Misty is described to be 16 years old and is friends with Darnell and the Toad. All three of them are referred to as "The Three Stooges" by Alec. However, her real name has never been mentioned. Shortly after the PFC unleash virus VC321xb47, or The Flare, she knows she is infected with it when she feels a pain in her head. She tells Alec, Mark, Trina, Toad and Lana to go on. But Toad stays behind. It is later mentioned by the Toad that she died in his arms.

Physical Appearance

She is said to be on the short side with short red and brown hair, and she is younger than Mark.