"Every morning, when those doors open, they run The Maze. Mapping it. Memorizing. Trying to find a way out."
Newt to Thomas in The Maze Runner (film)

Runners are the only ones who are allowed to go out into The Maze. They are defined as the strongest, fastest, and best of the Gladers. Runners run the maze everyday, trying to find a way out. The maps they make are saved in the Map Room. They leave when the doors open in the morning, and return right before the Doors close.

Being a Runner is often described as being very risky, as Grievers are a frequent sight. They must be very precise to make it back on time. You must also be very physically fit in order to be Runner, since being one requires running for the whole day.

Everyday, after the Runners make it back before the Doors close, they return to a concrete building known as the Map Room, where they draw, record, and map the changes in The Walls movements. They then attempt to solve the puzzle of the Maze. They create the maps based on what they saw that day.

Runners are elected at the Gathering. Newt mentioned that "No one’s ever become a Runner in their first month" before Thomas became a Runner.


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