"I’m kinda sick of surviving. At least Darnell is done with this world."
— Trina, The Kill Order

Trina is one of the protagonists in The Maze Runner prequel, The Kill Order. She is also the love interest of Mark.


Trina is very fond towards Deedee, a young girl later found in the outskirts of a small village in the forest. She and Mark survive the Sun Flares along with their group. She and Mark were neighbors before the horrible tragedy of the Sun Flares. Trina is not immune to the Flare and dies with Mark after sending Deedee into the Flat Trans. She was also a traveling companion of Alec, Lana, and eventually Deedee. whenever Mark gets cold feet, he is revived by seeing her bravery. Trina loses her memory when she is caught by cranks. In the end, she recovers from the memory loss and kisses Mark, whispering his name as Alec purposely crashes the Berg into the building.

Physical Appearance and Personality

Trina is depicted to be very beautiful, with short blonde hair and green eyes.