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  • Berglund

    Glader Voting

    June 4, 2015 by Berglund

    The Following Character's have been entered into a contest for creating your own Glader, The winner of the contest will get his/her's character's own page on our official Maze Runner wiki! Your character will also get their own story/fanfic publish on the wiki as well with bragging right's, but don't be a shank with the bragging right's.

    The Entry's are below

    Jadeit "Jade" Vega

    Group A

    Subject A1 (Initail)


    Jade was the original version of Teresa which prematurely sent to the maze. The girl had to be a map that will bring the boys from the area or at least their guiding light their departure ALS,Through experiments one of the scientists thrill able to predict what will happen over the next 5 minutes. It was the final prognosis for a candidate…

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  • Berglund

    Aria Erudite

    May 26, 2015 by Berglund

    Aria Erudite

    Group A

    Subject A13

    The Spark

    • She is said to have Children in the future
    • She's a knife thrower
    • She's one of the shortest and oldest in the Glade.
    • Aria juggles many jobs, she is mainly a Runner, but in her spare time is mostly seen Helping Gally, or Newt.
    • A few of the builders think she's hot.
    • Aria has a brother.
    • She friends with most Gladers
    • Newt and Gally were the first Glader's she met.
    • Newt's her best friend.
    • W.I.C.K.E.D Want's her dead.
    • Aria is a bit of an Assassin
    • Her Name means "Lioness."
    • She use to live on Arrow Ruins Pass with her Parents and her Brother Chase Barton.
    • She's killed over 100 Cranks, W.I.C.K.E.D member's, and 7 people out of Group B
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  • Berglund

    Maze Runner fan Fic!

    December 24, 2014 by Berglund

    I'm writing a maze Runner Fan fic. and no, it's no one of those lovey dovey Fan-Fics.This takes place if  the Gladers were to stay in the Glade. Here's the plot.......

    Aria *Still the same as Iris I just renamed her* is the newest member of the Glade. After Teresa's death Iris showed up.Of course at fist she doesn't fit in.Aria quickly takes a fancy to Frypan, Newt, Chuck and Peter, and Marcus.

    Peter develops a crush on Aria, and Aria& Gally develop a rivalry, but Aria and Gally soon learn to carr about each ither.Nothing is known about aria's past.She will get faint visions.but, she has no idea where or when she came from. Until she gets a weird flash back.

    Tension rises when a Glader get's lost in the woods and then found inside the Maze, w…

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