I'm writing a maze Runner Fan fic. and no, it's no one of those lovey dovey Fan-Fics.This takes place if  the Gladers were to stay in the Glade. Here's the plot.......

Aria *Still the same as Iris I just renamed her* is the newest member of the Glade. After Teresa's death Iris showed up.Of course at fist she doesn't fit in.Aria quickly takes a fancy to Frypan, Newt, Chuck and Peter, and Marcus.

Peter develops a crush on Aria, and Aria& Gally develop a rivalry, but Aria and Gally soon learn to carr about each ither.Nothing is known about aria's past.She will get faint visions.but, she has no idea where or when she came from. Until she gets a weird flash back.

Tension rises when a Glader get's lost in the woods and then found inside the Maze, with a note Tacked on him

"You're not alone."

The note reads.

When Frypan and Gally go missing the fight rages on.

So, what do you think? When it's done I'll link it on my profile.

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