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Personal Information

Biological Information

  • Name: Temperance Booth
  • Age: 24
  • Work: The Leader of a The Scorch
  • Status: Alive


    • Thomas - distant cousins
    • Teresa - enemies
    • Adam - Father
    • Mary - Mother
    • Frank - brother
    • Sally - Sister
    • Parker Booth - Son
    • Christine Booth - daughter
    • Lance Booth - younger son
    • Seeley Booth - Husband

Physical Description

    • Has red hair
    • Has blue eyes
    • Is physically plump
    • Has scars all over her body
    • Is 5"6"
    • Has size ten feet

Background information

    • Was born to a abusive mother
    • Was in foster care until she was 12
    • She was kidnapped by The Maze Runner bosses
    • Then was in their until she was taken out
    • Then was had her memory wiped
    • She was working for the cause of the maze
    • She left the maze to work for the scorched missionaries
    • Has three children

Played by

    • Emily Dechanel

Other Information


    • I am the leader here
    • What the hell are you doing
    • I can't thing about it
    • Going to the lab now
    • For crying out loud
    • This is my world
    • Welcome to my hell
    • Justice is mine
    • Just think your not mine
    • Kiss me


    • She is think like a player (offensive)
    • She thinks like a tragic way
    • She has little empathy
    • she has no respect
    • she is cold
    • she is evil
    • she is horrible
    • she is not the person to be messed with


    • Maze runner
    • the lab techno
    • the lab boss
    • the maze runner boss
    • the scorched militant
    • boss of the experiments
    • boss of the guns
    • boss of the prisoners
    • Tourcher boss

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