Since I'll be talking about The Maze Runner (film), please be advised that there will be SPOILERS. So please, if you have not seen the film, don't read any further.

Now, I really enjoyed the movie. The discrepancies that cropped up in the book were remedied for the film. Yes, there were changes made to the movie, just like most film adaptations. However, these changes made the story more focused and concise.

The actors did a wonderful job bringing the characters to life. To be honest, I felt the characters in the book were a bit boring and one-dimensional. Thomas was also kind of annoying in the book, always wanting to ask questions but never getting any answers. The film made Thomas more organic and his curiosity felt less grating. Gally also received a more sympathetic approach. Instead of being a genuine jerk at all times, movie Gally felt more practical and his actions were more understandable.

The CGI was really well done. I had no idea how the Grievers would look, since their descriptions in the book were hard to envision. But when I saw the Grievers in the film, I definitely felt that they were a force to be reckoned with. I'm even more excited to see the Bulb Monsters in the next film.

Overall, the movie was worth watching in theaters, and I'm excited for the sequel next year.

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