I just wanted to bring this to attention, Gally is amazing. I underestand there are many reasons people would dislike the character and hate on him but to me I love him. I believe he is one of the most amazing characters in the book and deserves a lot more credit then what he does get. All Gally ever really wanted was to keep the other Gladers safe from harm, thats why he stuck to the rules so much and reinforced them so hard on Thomas. Gally yes did kill Chuck who was also an amazing character but he was under control of WICKED and he had no idea what he was actually doing. I love Newt, Thomas, Teresa, Chuck, Alby and all the other gladers but personally I think Gally is and always will be my favourite. Another thing that annoys the klunk out of me is that people hate Will Poulter playing Gally because he doesnt look exactly as Gally was described. First off, te book and the movie are very different and second he did a goo job. I know they couldve gotten someone who looked more like Gally but Im glad that Will played him. He is exactly like what I thought Gally would be like so Im proud. 

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