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    Jade Vega

    May 28, 2015 by Humanistaa

    Jadeit "Jade" Vega

    Group A

    Subject A1 (Initail)


    Jade was the original version of Teresa which prematurely sent to the maze. The girl had to be a map that will bring the boys from the area or at least their guiding light their departure ALS. Before the maze was the object of sighs Thomas. Through experiments one of the scientists thrill able to predict what will happen over the next 5 minutes. It was the final prognosis for a candidate with Thomas. All this would be rolled up if not for her untimely death. After these events sent her place at the end of Teresa. Jade kept a journal thanks to which boys and Teresa was able to decipher the code. I always wanted to be a scout, but first guardians could not agree on this point, I had to prove to…

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