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  • I live in the glade
  • I was born on March 15
  • My occupation is a runner
  • I am a girl
  • Maeve123

    So... as many of you did, You have all read The Death Cure.

    So yeah... When I got to the awful page 250 that we do not speak about I cried.... Yep, Newt was and still is my favourite character. I was so mad because why Newt and not someone else?!? Why not Aris? (Maybe some of you prefer Aris but in my opinion after what happened in the Scorch I will never trust him or like him). Why did Thomas leave Newt there and not let the other gladers see his remains ? I thought Thomas was better than that... i thought he cared about Newt and that he was his friend.

    I loved the series but the reason I didn't like Death Cure is because everything just ended. I had to reread it because it was so odd. I hate loose ends and there were so many left untied. W…

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