So... as many of you did, You have all read The Death Cure.

So yeah... When I got to the awful page 250 that we do not speak about I cried.... Yep, Newt was and still is my favourite character. I was so mad because why Newt and not someone else?!? Why not Aris? (Maybe some of you prefer Aris but in my opinion after what happened in the Scorch I will never trust him or like him). Why did Thomas leave Newt there and not let the other gladers see his remains ? I thought Thomas was better than that... i thought he cared about Newt and that he was his friend.

I loved the series but the reason I didn't like Death Cure is because everything just ended. I had to reread it because it was so odd. I hate loose ends and there were so many left untied. What happens now? They just left ? Where is exactly their paradise ? Again, I was upset about Newt dying, got a little teary because he was one of my favorite characters ( I even broke a glass :P ) , but I was also upset about Teresa dying. WICKED was controlling them and she did what she had to do, and Thomas knew that, but he didn't care until she died. I'm not saying that I wanted Teresa with Thomas ( a little but after The Scorch Trials I was a little unsure about her) , I didn't see any good relationships anywhere in these books ( except for Newtmas which probably would never come except in my fangirl world.), but they were friends and Thomas was childish. The main character can really make me mad sometimes. Especially his relationship with Brenda, she didn't seem to be a great person. Brenda was a great character it's just her personality that just made me dislike her . I read the whole series  about a year and a half ago but since the movie just came out last summer I re read the first 3 books. I just bought the prequel because I thought it could answer all my questions but then it's 13 years earlier I'm wondering if we'll ever understand where they are and if the Flare has been stopped.

Let me know what you guys think

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