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  • Maximum Ride Nudge

    After the events in The Scorch Trials, Thomas is locked up in solitary confinement for three weeks. He is released and Assistant Director Janson admits to him and the other Gladers (including ones from Group B) that there is a cure for the Flare and that they were not lying to them about it. Everybody (including Teresa) began to jump around. Janson then announces that some people, including Newt, are not immune to the Flare. He also warns them that many people in the outside world hate them because of their unnatural resistance to the Flare, and that if they escape they will probably be in more danger.

    Janson then gives the Gladers a chance to get their memories back. Everyone, except for Minho, Newt and Thomas, agrees to get their memories …

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  • Maximum Ride Nudge

    Thomas is a former Glader and one of the creators of The Maze along with Teresa Agnes.

    • He is immune amongst many others
    • He was the creator of The Maze
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