Hello, and I'm Varin Ego, a common wikia user. The Maze Runner books were recommended to me in the mountains by my cousin Carter, where he vaguely explained what it was about. I had to check it out, so I bought it on my iPad. I was addicted like *snap.* I'm really into the Maze Runner, and I just found this wiki (I'm super excited, btw)! So I thought I could make it more interesting by adding this blog. Here are the rules:


NO cussing

That's it :)


This blog will be taken like a quiz. I will have members of this wiki sign up in spots (15 spots max) with a fake name, age, and description. Then, I will be writing it like a story. But it will be written in second-person narrative. YOU are the star. I will then post questions on what you would do at the end of each chapter. You may post your answer in the comments.

You will start with 15 life points. For a wrong answer, you will be with minus a point. For the worst answer, minus 3 points. 4 multiple choice answers will be given at each round.


Name Age Description User
Zanza 15 The God of Bionis A human who played an important part in the Creation of the Trials, before it was discovered that he has grown immune to the Flare during his time working. He was then thrown into Group A against his will. Of course, he remembers nothing of this. Jake! (Doom636!)

I will start when sign-ups are full!

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