"Yeah, they took Zart and a few others."
— Chuck

Zart was the Keeper of the Track-hoes/Gardens, and was one of the first Keepers that Thomas works with. Sometimes, the other Gladers call him Zart the Fart. It is possible that he was named after the genius composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Biography Edit

Zart is first introduced as the Keeper of the Track-hoes but also the only willing Glader to answer any question, despite the fact that he is not really talkative. He always appears at Gatherings, and was the one to lead the Banishment of Ben. In Thomas' Gathering for what to do with him, he supports Thomas for saving Alby and Minho in the Maze, thinking that he should not be punished. On the second day of Griever attacks, he fell victim and didn't make it back.


In The Maze Runner film, when the Grievers attack the Glade, Zart hid in the corn fields with Thomas, Teresa, Jack, and Billy. A Griever grabbed Zart, pushing him to the ground. Thomas tried to garb Zart but the Griever threw him away deeper into the cornfield.

Physical Appearance and Personality Edit

In the book, Zart is a quiet, black-haired, tall, quite big and broody boy with a long face and droopy eyes that make him look as bored as possible. It is also mentioned that Zart smells like sour milk. In the film adaptation, Zart is played by Joe Adler.

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